Say no to bullying!

Reducing online and interpersonal bullying among NEET-people

Our project is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme to prevent bullying among young people who are not working or studying (NEET) and to protect victims.

Any form of bullying is not acceptable! 

We, as a consortium of organizations dedicated to addressing youth unemployment and its consequences, are raising our voices to bring attention to the urgent issue of bullying among NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) young people in Europe. We need your support to create a safer and more inclusive environment for our vulnerable youth.
Did you know that the prevalence of NEETs in our partner countries surpasses the European average? This alarming statistic, highlighted by EUROSTAT’s data, underlines the critical need for targeted interventions to address this issue effectively. NEET youth face various challenges, such as low educational attainment, poverty, and negative behavioral patterns stemming from intergenerational poverty. These factors not only hinder their motivation to change their circumstances but also make them more vulnerable to bullying.
Online bullying has emerged as a significant concern, further amplifying the risks faced by young people, especially those who are socially excluded, undereducated, or have physical disabilities. NEET youth, with limited regular activities such as work or study, spend more time in cyberspace, making them susceptible to harassment, trafficking, and sexual exploitation. The consequences of online bullying often spill over into real-life aggression and abuse.
We cannot stand idly by while our youth suffer in silence. That’s why our consortium has come together to address this issue head-on. We aim to develop the tools and knowledge of adult educators, trainers, social workers, and other professionals in the helping professions to effectively recognize, intervene, and support NEET youth who experience bullying.
Our project focuses on comprehensive research, the development of a digital handbook for professionals, the establishment of a training platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange, and the creation of an interactive online game to raise awareness about bullying among both NEET youth and educators. By implementing these measures, we can foster empathy, change behavior patterns, and empower our youth to overcome the challenges they face.
But we need your help! We call upon each and every one of you to support our petition for change. Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of NEET youth. Share this post, spread the word, and join us in our commitment to reduce bullying. Let’s create a Europe where every young person can thrive and build a brighter future, regardless of their circumstances.